If you are intending to travel in Australia on a budget, this post is for you. When arriving in a new country, there is that one question that keeps popping up in everybody’s head: How high is the cost of living in Australia? We have tried to come up with a budget type, divided into three big categories, so you can plan your expenses before coming to Australia. Average price per person/week in a big city: – Housing: roughly about $ 250/ week – Food: varies depending on your appetite, about $ 50 / week per person – Transport: all depends on where you live but maps are available with different rates depending on the area and time you wish to travel. Travelling to the CBD and the surrounding areas can cost roughly around $6 for a return ticket. If you’re travelling frequently and on a daily basis by different modes of transport, it would be cheaper to pay for a weekly pass around $48, or transport top up card (Eg Opal Card in Sydney).   Stay in Hostels There is an abundance of hostel options in Australia and even though staying in a hostel is significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel, it’s still pricey. A basic dorm room will run you anywhere between $20-$30 per night, with prices in main cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) getting up to $40-50 per night. There are plenty of sustainable hostel options all over the country – from the Sydney Harbour The Rocks YHA, to the Grampians Eco Hostel in Halls Gap.   Food and Drinks The easiest way to save money is on food and drinks. It can be difficult because drinking is a huge part of travel down the East Coast but save your money for some of the more expensive experiences instead. Eating about can cost you anywhere from $5 at fast food restaurants to $15 at sit down restaurants with a lunch special to $20+ for dinner. When buying your food from grocery stores and cooking you can spend as little as $6 a day! I’m proof, I did this while living in Melbourne. Sniff out free Wi-Fi Free internet is like liquid gold when you’re on the road, and there are plenty of places in Australia that offer Wi-Fi. Hostels, pubs, cafes, libraries, fast-food outlets and even public telephones – Telstra’s bright pink phone boxes have been transformed into Wi-Fi hotspots – usually have free Wi-Fi to check your Facebook or load up a map for the day’s sight-seeing.   Budget your big experiences You haven’t spent thousands of dollars to come halfway across the world to Australia only to be too tight to fork out a couple of hundred dollars on the tour you had your heart set on – so just be aware of how much you need to budget to afford it. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, shark-cage diving in Port Lincoln, four-wheel-driving Fraser Island, skydiving over the beach… these are bucket list experiences that are with every cent, but make sure you know how much you need to save up to afford them.   Travel with Travego If you are planning a trip and want to rent a cheap car in Australia, here are some tips to save money and find the right vehicle. Driving a car in Australia is pretty easy, and it’s the best way to discover the big cities with its surroundings. Travego Provides Best Airport transfers, Minibus Hire, Bus Hire, Car Hire Services with Qualified and Experienced Chauffeurs.

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