Plan An Awesome Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Destinations in Melbourne Melbourne is considered one of Australia’s liveliest cities, so it’s no surprise that bachelor parties celebrated there tend to be full of excitement. The bachelor party can start during the day with a game of paintball – something that every member of the group will have a blast with. The game can then be followed with a Brewery Tour that will take the group through some of Melbourne’s top breweries. This tour also comes with a delicious BBQ lunch for all the guys, and it’s right along the beautiful scenic view of the Yarra River. Daytime festivities can then come to an end with a fishing trip. It will be a great way to enjoy a hobby, drink more beer, and prepare for the night. Nighttime activities can start with a game of golf or poker, both of which come with some adult entertainment and surprises for the groom. After the games, the group can go out and party at some of Melbourne’s top clubs, including 29th Apartment, Glamorama, and The Emerson. Nightclubs with adult entertainment are also something that the best man will want to add to the list of clubs to visit. Best Bachelor Party Ideas that go with a Travego Bus Rental in Melbourne   1. Plan a theme:- Think of this party as a blank canvas for your imagination. You can add a sports theme as perhaps you are trawling bars to catch a big sporting event. Wear your favorite jerseys and bring along a couple balloons and banners of the sports teams you all root for. How about going all out? The groom and the whole party can dress up to fit different themes such as movies, the ‘70s, zombies, superheroes, or pop culture—whatever your flavor. 2. Plan an inspired food and drinks menu:-The food and drinks you choose can also speak to the theme for the evening by making the menu part of the unforgettable experience. If the groom is a foodie with a great love of exotic dishes, you can put on a special buffet with interesting hors-d’oeuvres. Perhaps you are going on a daredevil adventure journey for the night, which would be complemented will with food that takes true guts to eat. Don’t let the eats and drinks be an afterthought. 3. Decide on great pit stops:- While you could have a sensational time just hanging out on the bus, make sure you are stopping at some great places along the way. These small trips are often times the ones that make the biggest memories. Once you’ve had a bit of fun at the pit stop, you can get back on board the luxurious bus and head off in anticipation for the next big stop. The best man can keep the pit stops a secret so that the venues are great surprises for everyone on board. Travego Can Help You Enjoy an Exciting Bachelor’s Party! Before we get into the details of planning the party by yourself, you need to know that a bachelor party bus can help you pull off a memorable bachelor party experience that is fun, and allows the whole entourage to visit some of the best party places in Melbourne. By hiring a bus, you can easily cover all the bachelor’s party requirements and more. Also, with the service of a licensed driver and possibly a party planner, everyone just needs to hop onboard for a memorable celebration and a night of fun. A hands-off approach is definitely a great idea if there are many details to plan, and if you want to sit back and relax. If you’re looking for professional and experienced Bus hire services, look no further than Travego Minibus Hire! Get in touch with us today on  611300370470 or send us an email at

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